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Lumaway personalises education with leading universities

Lumaway's AI matches learners to skills, career opportunities, and learning journeys.

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Our Mission

To help learning providers recognise and deliver learning in any context, for all walks of life.

Recognise and deliver learning in any context

Lumaway's AI recognises learning in any imaginable context, including work experience, and extracurriculars. With a clear view of the past, personalise, and deliver education in any setting.

Recognise and deliver learning anywhere - including workplaces.

Personalise learning and career development

Lumaway helps students explore career paths with personalised insights based on real jobs data. Educators can link skill gaps with learning journeys to guide learning.

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    Create validated curriculum with skill insights

    Our software helps you create powerful curriculum and learning journeys. Lumaway combines top down (i.e job posts) and bottom up (i.e reflections) data to reveal skills and industry needs.

    Take your skill frameworks and curriculum management to the next level

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