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How Lumaway began

We were helping those around us find the best way to learn in-demand skills. Eventually, we looked for easy ways to scale and help more people.

We didn't find anything.

That led to us interviewing over 100 business professionals, to figure out the best path forward. And here we are...

Our United Purpose

To democratise career opportunities, allowing anyone regardless of background to  reach their goals.

Regine Marte
Software Developer
Jovita Chen
UX Designer
Karen Whittingham
Skills Specialist
Hiam Sakikini
L&D Specialist
Alexander Tran
Co-Founder, CEO
Robert Hua
Co-Founder, CEO
Ben Heap
Non-Exec Director
Nick Lothian
AI Specialist
Sanjay Narayana
Co-Founder, CTO
Ivan Chau
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