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Integrate meaningful skills development with work.

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Are you feeling blind to what skills people have and where they can next go in your organisation? Or ever feel lost on what skills and people you should be searching for with those roles you have open - now and in the future?

The IT consultancies, enterprises, and educators we’re helping use Lumaway to understand skills on an individual, and role level - with insights on their outlook today, and tomorrow. An application that staff would be excited to use without the agony of introducing yet another skills framework - Lumaway’s machine learning capabilities mean it plugs and plays into any framework.

Most importantly however, these insights facilitate and encourage skill conversations between staff.

It’s a product powered by leaders in data science, organisational psychology, and HR.

If you’re a people’s leader, who values doing things right by staff, you will love the insights Lumaway empowers you with. It’s your call, so if you want a no strings attached product tour by our team, contact us and secure a free trial.