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You're nervous about securing internships, or what options to take if you miss a graduate position. Lumaway gives you personalised careers advice based on real jobs data so you can own your future. Land your dream job.

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What students are saying

Before Lumaway i had no work experience and felt anxious and unsure about what i'd do once i graduated.

Within 6 months of meeting Lumaway, I met with over 50 mentors, completed 3 internships and now feel totally in control and secure about my career path!
Nicole Lam
3rd Year Business Student
I found the experience of meeting with my first mentor extremely valuable.

It was an eye opener and it really cleared up what consulting actually was.
Ryan Nindra
Audit at PwC, 3rd Year Business Student
I was completely lost before Lumaway.

I looked at so many streams, you know, the ones on on the UNSW website. None of it looked vaguely interesting.

But then I used Lumaway and was able to speak one-on-one with 15+ mentors. It really helped me refine my understand of what roles were out there and now i'm confident in my path to Management Consulting.
Angelina Tran
2nd Year Business Student
Lumaway is a great company who really cares about their customers. During my experience, Alex and his team have gone above and beyond to help me towards my career goals by giving me the tools and opportunity to succeed.

If you're a student or anyone looking for a career, Lumaway is a valuable platform to help you out.
Kieran Guan
1st Year Business Student

Our Process


Introductory Call

A mentor will learn about your career goals, history, and teach you the ins and outs of using Lumaway to kickstart your career.


Career Plan

Read Lumaway's career guides, and get step by step guidance on your career goals. Keep us updated on your progress for updated advice!


Be Mentored

We will help you connect with mentors and build a network that will 7x your chances of finding a great job.


Reach your career goals!

Enjoy! We will ask you to help others in your situation prior, by becoming a mentor on Lumaway.

Frequently asked questions

Is it actually completely free for me?

Yes! Lumaway is completely free for individuals to use - no strings attached. We exist to ensure nobody has to ever take a step backwards just to move forward.

How does Lumaway make money?

Universities pay Lumaway so their students can view university specific advice and content.

How are your career guides created?

Lumaway synthesises data from a variety of sources including job postings, public employment information, government databases and open sourced skill frameworks to give you career insights.

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