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How It Works

Explore Career Paths

Understand all your options and what you should expect. We brought all the information into one place for you.

Meet 1-1 with Mentors

Over 100 mentors. Ask them anything and meet with as many as you'd like.

Develop Industry skills

Holistic programs designed to advance your professional self.

Get Experience

Build experience through completing practical projects listed by real companies.

Meet 1 on 1 with
hundreds of mentors!

Learn with mentors from companies big and small. Don’t be afraid, they were in your shoes too. Ask whatever you’d like. Career Advice? Resume help? Interview practice? Check, check and check.

Before Lumaway I had no work experience and felt anxious and unsure about what I'd do once I graduated.

Within 6 months of meeting Lumaway, I met with over 50 mentors, completed 3 internships and now feel totally in control and secure about my career path!

Nicole Lam, UTS (3rd Yr Business)

Hear from other students


I was completely lost before Lumaway.

I looked at so many streams, you know, the ones on on the UNSW website. None of it looked vaguely interesting.

But then I used Lumaway and was able to speak one-on-one with 15+ mentors. It really helped me refine my understand of what roles were out there and now i'm confident in my path to Management Consulting.
Angelina Tran
UNSW, 2nd Year Business Student
Lumaway is such a GODSEND!
Before I met with the team, I had no real idea what my career field was like, let alone how to break into it. To be honest, I was a bit anxious about graduating - I didn't have a plan for post-uni beyond just winging it. The Lumaway team helped me identify this issue and then solve it by providing advice, resources, and meetings with industry-experienced mentors - it's all super personalised. I'm now genuinely confident and prepared going forward.
Chris Treadwell
UNSW, 3rd Year Business Student
Before Lumaway I was worried about 2 things - would I ever secure an internship and could I effectively work with my teammates from different roles.
Lumaway was able to connect me with different Product Managers, Designers, Data Scientists and Software Engineers to help me better understand their position in the real world. As well as this, they brought their perspectives from different work environments and gave me the advice and confidence to secure a job!
Alex Pham
UNSW, 4th Year Business Student

I found the experience of meeting with my first mentor extremely valuable.

It was an eye opener and it really cleared up what consulting actually was.

Ryan Nindra
Macquarie Uni, 3rd Year Business Student
Lumaway is a great company who really cares about their customers. During my experience, Alex and his team have gone above and beyond to help me towards my career goals by giving me the tools and opportunity to succeed.

If you're a student or anyone looking for a career, Lumaway is a valuable platform to help you out.
Kieran Guan
UTS, 1st Year Business Student
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At the start of the year, I didn’t really know where I was headed. But having been a part of Lumaway for a little over 6 months and met many industry professionals I no longer feel lost.

Lumaway has provided me amazing opportunities to learn and understand a variety of possible career paths. And having this knowledge I can confidently say I now know where I’m headed.
Nathan Truong
UNSW, 3rd Year Actuarial Student

Student FAQs

How many students get jobs from Lumaway?

This is in no way all because of us! We help empower through strategy and connections. But we've seen 40% of mentees go from no experience to internship/grad offer in 12 weeks.

Is it actually completely free?

Yes! Lumaway is completely free for individuals to use - no strings attached. We exist to ensure nobody has to ever take a step backwards just to move forward.

Why are the mentors coming on board?

They simply want to give back. That being said, we also give a small donation to charity whenever they give some of their time.

Is there a limit to how many people I can meet?

Absolutely not. We've had many of our users meet dozens of mentors.

How are your career guides created?

Lumaway synthesises data from a variety of sources including job postings, public employment information, government databases and open sourced skill frameworks to give you career insights.

How does Lumaway make money?

Universities pay Lumaway so their students can view university specific advice and content.

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